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Higher education has become a critical part of the American Dream. Unfortunately the rising cost of higher education has led to a large roadblock in achieving those dreams, student loan debt. It is estimated that our nation’s total outstanding student loan debt is already at $1.1 trillion and climbing!

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Scary student loan debt statistics:

Action Administrative Services are your leading source for navigating the complex student loan consolidation environment.

Action Administrative Services was created to help graduates who have become so burdened by their student loan debt that they are at risk of or are already in default and are having trouble paying other life expenses. If you are considering consolidating your federal student loans we can quickly and efficiently help you evaluate different repayment options and choose which one is right for you and your particular circumstances. Our services begin with this evaluation and information sharing and end with a fully filed student loan consolidation program. Stop struggling each month to pay on a never ending balance.

100% money back guarantee! If we don’t find you a program we’ll refund any money paid into our program!

Action Administrative Services is an information sharing and document preparation service designed to help you make the best decision regarding your student loan debt. Here are some of the programs we may be able to enroll you in that you may not even be aware of or know how to begin:

We will work directly with you to compile and submit all documents needed for any one of the relief programs you may qualify for. If we are unable to find a program for you or get your application accepted we will refund any payments you paid into our program 100%.

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